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A Man from Dalian, Liaoning Built a Seafood E-commerce Platform

After the Dragon Boat Festival, a new way of selling hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood will be met with the Dalian citizens. The “Dayuchang” online store has been tried for two years. For the first time, the offline shopping is combined with online sales. However, this may be just the beginning. This man’s goal is to build a platform like Alibaba but in the hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood industry.

Everything starts with creating the first Chinese hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood e-commerce platform.

It seems to Yuntao Zheng that it is a coincidence to run an online platform. He started his career in hytrend.ca/sea-cucumber/ target='_blank'>sea cucumber breeding. At that time, there was not an online platform for him, and he could only rely on the traditional sales model. In 2011, under the persuasion of a friend, he first time felt the magic of e-commerce thus turned to the Internet industry without hesitation. “Our team built the only e-commerce platform for marine products in China at that time.” Yuntao Zheng was doing the “B2B” model which served the hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood business.

“At that time, I gave up all the business of hytrend.ca/sea-cucumber/ target='_blank'>sea cucumber breeding and only focused on the e-commerce platform.” Yuntao Zheng told reporters that the China Ocean Food Network he founded is the only marine food e-commerce platform in China. When the online shopping is gradually becoming integrated into people’s lives, this platform seems to have a good future.

However, the reality is not so good. “At the beginning, it is not easy to find hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood information.” Yuntao Zheng said that one of the reasons why they are targeting on the hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood e-commerce platform is that many hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood brands have chosen to enter large supermarkets, and the entrance fee is very high. However, online platform is much cheaper, and all the local brands in Dalian can be brought together to change the market structure of single business at the same time. “However, Dalian hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood companies still lack understanding of this model.” Yuntao Zheng told reporters that he has negotiated with seafood companies one by one, and gradually opened the market through the previous social network of old business.

Since 2011, Yuntao Zheng has invested more than 10 million to build this e-commerce platform and has become a leading company in the industry.

Innovation: Introducing "Internet" into the seafood market

In April 2013, Yuntao Zheng founded Dayuchang online store and upgraded his e-commerce platform to the “B2C” version. It means all products will be oriented to the consumers. "This process actually cause many problems." Yuntao Zheng said that cold-chain transportation has always been a bottleneck in seafood sales, and his customers are spread all over the country. How to keep fresh seafood alive is a big problem in front of Yuntao Zheng.

At the beginning of operating the online store, Yuntao Zheng faced a problem. A customer in Fujian ordered a batch of mantis shrimp. When the mantis shrimps was delivered, the shrimp skin reddened. “It is almost cooked and cannot be eaten at all.” Yuntao Zheng said that he had shipped this order for 6 times in order to let the consumer have the best products.

How to solve cold-chain transportation problem is related to the survival of online store. Yuntao Zheng tried a variety of methods, and finally made a breakthrough on the product packaging. At the sixth delivery, Fujian customer said that all the shrimps are all alive. "I have sent a lot of money on this, finally the cold-chain transportation problem has been completely solved." At present, there are more than 1,500 kinds of seafood in the online store.

4 Dayuchang experience stores offer new services

This year, Yuntao Zheng upgraded the Dayuchang online store, and opened four experience stores in the city. A new way of selling seafood will let the public feel the power of seafood and Internet integration. "This is an O2O mode, which increases the user experience and directly connects the products to the customers." Yuntao Zheng told reporters that his goal is to open 20 counters in Dalian, and he will enter the Beijing and Shanghai markets in the future.

The four Dayuchang experience stores locate in Chunhui River Chunhui Supermarket in Ganjingzi District, Nansha Street Guoyi Fresh Food in Shahekou District, Tangshan Street in Xigang District (opposite to the Tax Bureau), Fresh Food Supermarket, and Wenshan Book Market in Zhongshan District.


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