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Our Team

Tony Zheng

CEO & Founder

Tsinghua University EMBA Master of Business Administration
In 2012, founded Zhonghai Group Technology Co., Ltd.; founder of the Dayuchang brand; founder and chairman of China Ocean Food Network; founder and CEO of Xiaokedou Life Manager;
In 2013, co-organized the “Going Home” charity event with Heilongjiang Satellite TV;
In 2015, interviewed by China Central Television (CCTV) "Zhi Fu Jing" program; (Link to CCTV Interview >>)
In 2015, sponsored the "Ai Shang Chao Ji Xian" program of Heilongjiang Satellite TV;
Engaged in marine food e-commerce for more than 10 years, senior marine food experts; many years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of hytrend.ca/en/Products.html target='_blank'>seafood development; business engagement footprints span dozens of countries in China and abroad.

Feng Shang

Angel Investor, China Marketing and Channel Specialist;

Co-founder & COO of BizField Angel Investment Network (Canada); current Head & Vice President of the GACA Global Angels Federation (USA) Asia-Pacific; CCTV "Fen Dou" Entrepreneurship site Guest commentator. He used to be the executive director of the Zhongguancun Private Technology Entrepreneur Association.

Zhenshan Chen


Senior Partner of Beijing Yingke (Dalian) Law Firm; Director of Securities and Private Equity Legal Affairs Department, with 15 years of experience in lawyer practice. The professional field involves mergers and acquisitions, private equity funds, the New Third Board, and IPO.

Provided fund raising, investment, management and withdrawal of legal services for Tonghua Boxin Huiyin Jinlongdi Real Estate Fund, Yantai Boxin Huahai Real Estate Fund, Taian Huiyin China Railway Real Estate Fund, Dalian Anju Huimin Assets M&A Fund (Phase I); formerly Softbank Capital Invested in Dalian Quanhao Dental Management Co., Ltd., MOT Telecom Co., Ltd., and other cross-border mergers and acquisitions.


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